Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Resume 2010

Nañagas, Isagani Carmelo P.

To continue to improve my skills, while developing new skills, in any field involving 3D while at the same time contributing to the growth and development of 3D arts and 3D animation.

Skilled in the following software:
1. Autodesk Maya (advanced knowledge)
2. Autdesk 3DS Max (intermediate knowledge)
3. Eyeon Digital Fusion (intermediate knowledge)
4. Adobe Photoshop (intermediate knowledge)
5. Adobe After Effects (intermediate knowledge)
6. Adobe Premier (basic knowledge)
7. OGRE Game Engine (basic to intermediate knowledge for exporting assets)
8. UNITY Game Engine (basic to intermediate knowledge for exporting asses)

Can read and write fluently in both English and Filipino language.
Fast learner.
Team player.
Can work under pressure and short deadlines.
Easily motivated.

Employment History

Anino Games Inc. - Lead 3D Game Artist (February 2008 - Present)

Responsibilities includes:
1. Modeling and UV Mapping 3D assets for both in-game and FMV using 3DS Max.
2. Rigging 3D assets using bones (using IK or FK), skin, and morpher using 3DS Max.
3. Animating 3D assets.
4. Assisting directors in maintaining quality in artists’ outputs.
5. Troubleshooting possible problems in the game engine.
Notable Projects:
1. Linked Letters (PC) 3D Artist – Tasks included modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging, animating, and exporting assets to the game engine.
2. Big League Sports Intro FMV (Wii) 3D Artist – Tasks included modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging, animating, lighting, rendering, and compositing elements for intro FMV.
3. Kento Studios (Dhaka, Bangladesh) Trainor – Trained 3D artists in modeling, UV unwrapping, rigging, animating, and exporting using the NITRO engine for low-poly assets for the Nintendo DS.
Holy Cow! Animation - 3D Artist / Animator (May 2004 - January 2008)

Responsibilities included:
1. Creation of 3D elements using Maya, including texturing and rigging, for local and international commercials
2. Animation of 3D elements (character animation, IK/FK rigs, deformers, key frame animation)
3. Use of particles and dynamics for special effects for local and international commercials
4. Compositing elements for final output

Educational Background

BS Digital Illustration and Animation (Graduate Degree)
Ateneo de Naga University 2000-2004

BS Computer Science (Undergraduate Studies)
Ateneo de Manila University 1998-2000

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Animators Galore

Here are some links to blogs by animators. They give good advice on animation. Carlos Baena works for Pixar, and I was fortunate enough to attend his talk in CG Overdrive 2006 in Singapore. Brendan Body was linked in Carlos Baena's blog. I plan on reading both blogs religiously for the sake of learning more in animation and finding inspiration to start creating my own personal works.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Taken before sunrise at the balcony of the condo I'm renting. F4.0 aperture with bulb. I was using a 17-40mm lens.

More pics can be viewed at my
flickr page.

Dawn Shots

Dawn Shots

Dawn Shots