Saturday, May 31, 2014

Practicing Digital Painting

My First Freehand Digital Sketch
One of my early attempts at digital sketching and painting.
I recently purchased a Wacom CTH-480 and I wanted to add 2D digital sketching and painting to my skills. I haven't been practicing much as of late, since I seem to have gotten impatient and want to be great at this new skill ASAP.

However today I got the urge to draw, and I decided that instead of tracing images I would try freehand sketching and coloring. This is the result.

My current plan is to learn new skills, and definitely practice my old ones, and make new material for my portfolio. Let's face it, my demo reel is old and most of the latest works I did from my previous game dev job I was not able to get copies of. Why? Because I requested to get copies of it but never got approval.